Choosing the Right Short Hairstyles for Women with Glasses

You are a woman! You want the best clothes, shoes, make-up, accessories, eyeglasses, and hairstyle. In fact, you want a hairstyle that works with your glasses. Of course you do! But you know from experience that it’s tricky to find short hairstyles for women with glasses—especially if you have to take your glasses on and off—that can seriously mess with your do. But never fear–there are helpful tips you can follow and cuts you can try which are sure to give you the sassy, convenient look for which you’ve been hoping.

Some tips when it comes to short hairstyles for women with glasses will surely help you in your quest for the perfect do.

  • First of all, always take your glasses with you when getting a new cut. This allows the stylist to help you select a hairstyle that will work well with your glasses.
  • When it comes to choosing a cut that will compliment your glasses, a helpful rule of thumb is if your frames are bold, then try a softer hairstyle. If your hairstyle is bold, then try softer frames.
  • If you’re a chica who enjoys a little fringe, that’s a-okay! Your best bet is to keep the length of your fringe above where your glasses fall on the sides of your face.
  • If you have bangs, you’ll want to avoid heavy, dark, or large frames because they will darken the top half of your face. So, you’ll want to go with light frames.

Hair color can also play off of your frames, so here are some ideas for best utilizing both.

  • Blonds look best with very light-colored or transparent frames
  • Redheads look great in all colors except yellow and white
  • Brunettes look lovely with dark or metal frames.

When it comes to choosing from all the short hairstyles to go along with your glasses, one thing to be sure that you consider balancing your do with your frames and your face shape.

  • Oval face shapes look great with most frames, especially wide frames.
  • Round faces look best with narrow, angular frames.
  • Square face shapes also look pretty with narrow frames, while oblong faces do best with frames that add width to the face.
  • Diamond-shaped faces with narrow set eyes really look great with wide frames, while the same face shape with high cheekbones looks prettiest with narrow frames, as do faces with a heart shape.

Another thing to ponder is that various frame sizes look best with certain styles.

  • Small frames look awesome with short, cropped hairstyles, but look rather limiting with hairstyles that box the face.
  • Large frames look lackluster with hairstyles that have little to no volume, like short, flat hair; but they look marvelous with layered hairstyles.
  • Wide frames are accentuated nicely with high volume hair on top, textured bangs, and hair styles with strong vertical lines. But definitely avoid styles with volume on the sides.

There are also specific hairstyles that create specific looks.

  • Chin length bobs are great for adding more definition to the chin line, while cropped hairstyles add versatility and layers of interest.
  • Gamine styles work great with sharp features (facial or frames).
  • Choppy hairstyles add volume and highlight those larger frames.

When you take your features, your frames, and the look you’re trying to achieve into consideration, you’ll find the synergistic cut that lets everyone see fabulous you.