Really Short Hairstyles for Women

You are a beautiful woman. (You don’t need to be told this, but it’s always nice to hear.) You have the confidence to know that true beauty radiates from within. This is why you have a chutzpah to seek out really short hairstyles for women as you look to change up your personal style and to be the you that you’ve always wanted to be.

Whether it’s a shaved or buzzed cut, a very short pixie, or a super-close crop cut, your hair is your new best friend. (This is no exaggeration!) Very short hairstyles are incredibly popular for their savings of money and time, their ease of care, their chic and sexy look.

Really short hairstyles for women are so much less expensive to maintain. You have no need for bottles and bottles of products or hair styling equipment in order to keep your hair clean and styled. You don’t have to get educated with the latest hair oils, creams, specialty shampoos and conditioners, and serums. You can style your hair with a quick comb or flick of your fingers! With such ease in styling, you save an enormous amount of time that you previously used to apply products and style. And reapplying products and restyling. You have no need for those tasks now!

All this means that your new short hairstyle is really easy to care for, too, which saves you from the frustrations of bad hair days or hair that has just plain outgrown the cut you originally received. Very short hairstyles also never really look limp or crushed, regardless of rain, the wind, or other elements. All of this ease of care saves on your emotions, as well as your money and time.

Want a chic, sexy, and youthful look? Explore really short hairstyles for women. In addition to being totally easy to care for, very short hairstyles—such as the pixie, buzz, or crop—are super chic. They create a youthful aura that radiates vitality.

Such short hair also exudes confidence and femininity. Think Halle Berry—no one has ever looked at her very short hair and said: “Ewww, she’s gross!” In fact, she’s long been a sex symbol and, all-the-while, she was at the beginning of the very short cut trend. Now many fabulous female celebrities are donning very short dos. In fact, celebs like Berry and the stunning Michelle Williams have commented in fashion interviews that they feel most themselves with their ultra-short hairstyles. Younger stars like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna have joined the super short hair clique and have no regrets about sheering their long locks for the ease, freedom, and fun of their short hair.

Bottom line—there is just as much sexiness (some would argue even more sensuality) in wearing super short hair. Whatever your reasons—saving time and money, ease of care, or wanting a look that’s chic, youthful, or sexy—it’s time to embrace your longing for very short hair. Dare to dream of a different hair path and go for it. Be the gorgeous, really short-haired you that you’ve always longed to be.