Embrace Your Natural Hair with Very Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Very short hairstyles for black women will make you look fresh if you have been seen with long hair for a while. Letting your natural hair texture show will also help prevent breakage from chemical straightening and ironing. Haircuts that complement your natural hair texture can be a good way to revamp your personal style. When you are ready to try out a new short hairstyle, why not try out one of these? They are the most stylish hairstyles for black women who want to try out a short haircut.

Twisted pompadour

Twisted pompadour Very short hairstyles for black women

Keep the hair on both sides short or shaved with a razor. The hair on top should be gathered together in a twisted pile at the center to create a stunning pompadour. This hairstyle does not only look good in front. It also creates an amazing back view. Pair it with smoky eye make-up and a fierce red lipstick to complement your equally fierce hairstyle.

Sexy Bob

Sexy bob Very short hairstyles for black women

Your natural hair can look beautiful in a simple bob haircut. As long as you keep your hair free from frizz and breakage, you can pull off a sophisticated look every day without a hair iron. What you need to do is find a good stylist who will be able to cut your naturally curly hair into a sexy bob that follows the shape of your head. You may also choose to wear it sleek and straight during a special event. Just remember to use heat protection products to prevent easy breakage and drying.

Close crop with headband

Close crop with headband Very short hairstyles for black women

Very short hairstyles for black women can look uber feminine by adding a delicate headband as an accessory. Your naturally wavy or curly hair can work to your advantage if you choose this haircut. Aside from a thin headband, you can also use scarves, clips, and even flowers to add a touch of femininity.

Colored teeny weeny afro

Colored teeny weeny afro Very short hairstyles for black women

For a stylish and pretty hairstyle that does not require straightening, have your hairstylist cut your hair into an afro. Choose a color that will complement your natural skin color to make the haircut more striking. Remember to keep your hair moisturized every day. Afros tend to look dry if you fail to apply deep conditioner regularly.

These very short hairstyles for black women will prove that your natural hair texture is beautiful. There are short hairstyles that can be versatile and feminine. It just requires choosing the right cut for your face shape and personal style.