Short Blonde Hairstyles for Black Women That Rock

As you are exploring short blonde hairstyles for black women, you might be interested to know that 10% of the world’s natural blondes are those with dark skin. Most of these natural wonders are natives to exotic locales. Even knowing this, there are many black women who chose to have blond hair and they rock it beautifully!

If your blonde do is dyed, you are not alone in this growing trend.  The color is becoming increasingly popular among women of color, and especially for those with short hairstyles—there are a myriad of short hairstyles that look amazing in blonde. The style is becoming so entrenched that many celebrities—actresses, singers, and reality stars alike—are taking to the sassy short blonde hairstyle sensation in droves.

Short blonde hairstyles for black women are not necessarily merely a new, hip trend. Ten percent of the world’s natural blonds are people of color. These dark skinned, golden-haired beauties are mostly native to Australia, with a smaller percentage that is native to Latin America and the Caribbean. You do not have to be a native of some exotic land to don the same gorgeous look.

With a great blonde hue and a killer short hairstyle, you, too, will soon be sporting this rich, amazing look. Among celebrities who have adopted the look are Rihanna, Nikki Minaj, and Mary J. Blige; and they are just a few of the beautiful women who sport short blonde hairstyles. And with so many short hairstyles from which to choose, you will no doubt find the perfect short blond hairstyle to compliment your own natural beauty.

With the numerous short hairstyles that are popular today, it’s no wonder that there are many amazing short blonde hairstyles for black women. Mary J. Blige, for example, totally owns the short blonde pixie with long, side-swept bangs. Her hairstyle keeps her a simmering beauty even after all these years in the limelight.

Rihanna rocks the short blond hairstyle with her close-cropped do kept fairly short on the sides and top. The look adds to her natural energy and vitality and gives her an intriguingly exotic motif that is irresistible. Nikki Minaj also rocks the short blonde hairstyle with her short blonde asymmetrical bob. This hairstyle is flashy and funky and adds to her off-beat, yet sexy style.

Going back in time a bit, songstress Dionne Warwick has long been sporting a short blond do, close-cropped with her minimal bangs swept to the side. With this do, she looks strikingly regal and elegant—like Julie Andrew’s lovely sister from another mister. And then there’s gorgeous Etta James, the sultry siren with the velvety voice. She was pioneering the short blond hairstyle long before it was hip. The curls of her soft, wavy pixie delicately hugged and shaped her sweet face and gave her a truly unforgettable look.

So, no matter your personal style or short blonde hairstyle of choice—the pixie, the close-crop, the bob—your beautiful skin and radiant hair will surely steal the show.