Unique Short Hairstyles for Prom

Short hairstyles for prom do not require too much styling. Short hair is already flirty, fun, and romantic as it is. But for those who want to make their hair look extra special for this formal event, there are ways to play up short hair. There are ways to style a casual bob or a super short pixie. There are ways to create a ‘do that is both sleek and beautiful. One secret to achieving this is to add dainty accessories like barrettes adorned with pretty stones or diamonds. Flower hair clips and embellished headbands can make you sparkle, literally. This will make you look classy and glamorous. Here are ways you can create a formal hairstyle with your short hair.

Since women with short hair usually leave their hair down all the time, a down-do may look ordinary. However, there are ways to look a down-do fancier. To make a down-do look more glamorous than usual, create dainty waves. Apply a styling mousse to your hair and curl sections using a curling iron. Once you are done curling all sections, use hairspray to keep the waves in shape. Finish off with a shiny barrette or headband.

You can also create a formal up-do if you want short hairstyles for prom. For this task, you will need a lot of bobby pins. These useful gems can be bought for only a few bucks from a local store. You will also need to apply a styling cream to your slightly damp hair for easier control. Use a comb to create sections then secure them with your bobby pins. Repeat the process until all of the strands are pinned into an up-do. Spritz some hairspray to make sure no strands will stray. Add an embellished clip for a romantic look.

A half-up-half-down hairstyle can also look stunning on short hair. Pin the upper sections of your hair with bobby pins or use a barrette. Leave the remaining strands down. Curling a few strands and letting them frame your face will bring attention to your facial features. This will especially look great if you are wearing dramatic make-up.

Short hairstyles for prom are easy to create if you know what you want. Do you want a down-do, an up-do, or a half-up-half-down hairstyle? Whichever you choose, practice doing them weeks before the event. This way, you will be able to recreate the look easily during your prom night.