Natural Short Curly Hairstyles for Square Shaped Faces

Natural short curly hairstyles are versatile although you might think otherwise. Your hair will look great whether with a short pixie or a bob cut that falls on your chin to frame your pretty face. There are many other hairstyles to choose from. The key is to find a cut that looks best on your face shape and hair texture.

Stylists suggest cutting fine, limp hair super short. Short hairstyles make hair look fuller. There are cuts that make thin hair look thicker. Layered cuts are specially made to add volume to thin hair. The shorter you go the fuller and thicker your hair will appear to be.


Natural short curly hairstyles also make you look younger than your actual age. If you have been watching the Gotham TV series then you might already know Camren Bicondova who plays the role of Selina Kyle or Catwoman. She has gorgeous curly hair that she wears super short. It gives her a youthful, energetic, and fun vibe. Short curly hair does a better job at softening your features more than straight hair can. This is because curls look bouncy and playful.

In case you have a square face that you wish to narrow or elongate, keep your tresses short enough to frame your face, preferably your cheeks. This means you need to keep the cut below your chin, not above. This will cover your jaw. You can choose beach waves or bouncy curls with a few layers rather than a blunt cut.

For variety, you can pull your hair back into an updo to add volume on top which will lengthen your face. Just remember to leave a few strands of curls on one or both sides enough to cover your jaw. This will also create a romantic look perfect for date nights.

Natural short curly hairstyles are beautiful if you know how to choose a style that is right for your hair texture and face shape. Proper care is also an integral part of having naturally curly hair. You should never be without a wide-toothed comb for detangling purposes. Detangling should be done gently to prevent damaging your hair. Air drying is so much better than using blow dryers, but if this can’t be prevented, make sure to dry your hair at least 95% before using any hair styling tool that applies heat. Never rumple your hair as doing so will create frizzy, unmanageable tresses.