Sassy Black Short Hairstyles for Women

You’re a beautiful, dark-haired raven looking for black short hairstyles for women. Look no further! Short hairstyles are experiencing a resurgence in popularity among women, after a long dry spell that began back in the early 1990s. Partly driven by the ease and flexibility of shorter cuts and partly by the increasing number of celebrities—like Cameron Diaz, Emma Watson, Carey Mulligan, and, the short hair icon, Halle Berry—who are choosing to sport shorter dos, shorter hairstyles are where it’s at!

They are smart, fun, and sexy. They offer a myriad of varieties for any woman’s taste! Short cuts are especially fetching on women with hair that is dark as night.

The easier care and flexibility of black short hairstyles for women is a definite draw for some women. No more spending time brushing, washing, conditioning, and trying desperately to find some differing style in which to wear long hair—with your new, shorter do, you now have amazing options! All one length or layered. Tousled or precisely combed. Curls or straight. Razored or spiky. Symmetrical or asymmetrical. Bangs or no bangs. You literally have total control over how your short, dark hairstyle looks from one outing to the next! Long hair doesn’t offer these choices! There is a whole truckload of choices among short hairstyles.

Yes, ultra-alluring black short hairstyles for women are as jam-packed as a salon on Saturday with style choices. Pixie cuts are the long-standing classic short hairstyle. Impish and cute, pixies are the quintessential short haircut; and they are great for thicker hair. Combed straight or with waves, they are always adorable. Plus, pixies can be parted down the middle, to either side or not really even parted at all; they also look great spiked upward for a hip, carefree style. There are so many pixie variations, too! From longer top hair with short-cropped back and sides to short-cropped hair all around to evenly cropped hair all around that can be styled with your curling iron, straightener, and your favorite product—there is no more manageable cut that the pixie.

Short shags are definitely making a comeback, with their orchestrated messy, just-out-of-bed look. These cuts have very broad layers and are great for hair with natural waves. The short shag offers the ability to have a slightly longer short hairstyle, with just enough textured interest to keep things fresh between stylings. The bob is another iconic hairstyle, which is especially gorgeous on women with dark or black hair. Bobs can be worn asymmetrically, short-cropped in the back with an angle toward the front sides, all one length with bangs, chin length, mid-neck length, and bobs are beautiful whether they are parted to one side or down the middle.

Layered bobs are also beautiful, in a way combining the texture of the shag with the perkiness of the bob. Of course, any or all of these can be worn with bangs or without; it really depends upon your personal taste as to what looks best on you. The pixie, the short shag, the bob, or any variation of these terrific styles—whatever you choose for your luscious, black hair, you’ll have no problem finding one that works for your unique needs and chic personal style.