Trendy Short Shag Hairstyles

Short shag hairstyles are the best way to rock a bedhead look. They are perfect for those who wish to have a rocker chic vibe. Although the shag is pretty flexible when it comes to length and texture, you need to be careful when choosing a shag hairstyle. The wrong choice may make you look like an 80s rockstar or Billy Ray Cyrus in the 1990s. Here are the best shag hairstyles you can copy today without looking outdated:

Wash and go

Wash and goWant a hairstyle that you can wash under the shower, dry with a towel and wear wherever you go? This shag hairstyle on Julian Hough is the perfect example of a wash and go, but it will also look good when blow dried. Just remember to dry hair starting from the bottom then upwards.

Natural wave

Natural waveThis shaggy hairstyle is all over the place. You can see it in magazines, movies, and beauty blogs. However, no one can carry it better than Alexa Chung who can sport shag hairstyles of different lengths and still look good. The soft waves make it look natural and effortless.


TousledDiana Agron’s tousled look is one lovely example of modern short shag hairstyles. It is a look that you can easily imitate with the help of a texturizing serum. You can either air dry or blow dry your locks until it is 80% dry. Rumple with your hands then spritz on some finishing spray.

Choppy with bangs

Choppy with bangs

Some layering and choppy ends lead to a great shag hairstyle like Jessica Alba’s. If you don’t like blunt bangs, opt for side swept, dainty fringe. Pomade or a salt spray can add texture to your hair. You won’t need any tool other than your fingers to shape your ‘do.

Almost every woman can get away with short shag hairstyles. The secret is to find the perfect cut for the shape of your face. If you have an oval face, then you can be sure that all types of short hairstyles, may it be a bob or shag will be flattering on you. However, if your goal is to add width rather than height, choose a hair length that hits your chin or your neck. The shag creates width. That is why it is perfect for oval faces. It becomes even more flattering if the hairstyle is tousled or wavy.