Stylish Short Hairstyles for African American Women

Short hairstyles for African American women are comfortable yet stylish at the same time. African American women can have short hair and reap the benefits of convenience and beauty. Whether the cut is shoulder-length or the shorter pixie cut, it will surely be able to bring out the beauty of your face and take advantage of the texture of your hair.

Bob hairstyles

The bob haircut comes in different lengths, but most African American women favor the chin length bob with wispy side-swept bangs. It brings attention to the eyes and the jaw line. There is also the A-line bob which frames the face and accentuates the cheekbones. Those who prefer an edgier and more dramatic look prefer the asymmetrical bob.

Pixie hairstyles

This cut may look a little boyish to some, but they look especially great on African American women. The name may sound cute, but the women who can pull this style off are bold and brave. With wispy, dainty layers, the pixie cut is one of the many short hairstyles for African American women that are fun and fierce.

Cropped hairstyles

Cropped hairstyles are perfect for African American women who wish to have haircuts that are shorter than the bob cut. With this kind of hairstyle, the strands often fall way above the chin. It requires minimal styling as the hair is cut super short on both sides and on the nape. The crown has ample volume which creates an illusion of height. The cut is versatile as you can create spikes with the longer strands or faux Mohawk depending on your personal style.

Flip and flutter hairstyles

Like the bob haircut, flip and flutter haircuts graze the chin. It has a feminine and flirty look. It can look even more romantic when a few strands are curled using a curling hair iron. The curls are made to flip away instead of towards the face. Achieving the look requires the use of a blow dryer and a natural-bristled brush.

Some believe that short hairstyles for African American women do not provide as much flexibility as long hairstyles do. With this list of short hairstyles that complement the color and texture of their hair, African American women can now enjoy the benefits of sexy, stylish, and comfortable haircuts. You can now bloom into a stunning beauty with your naturally healthy hair by finding the perfect short hairstyle. These hairstyles have many different variations, so you can really be sure to have fun dressing up your crowning glory.