15 Beautiful Short Layered Hairstyles with Bangs You Should Try

Short layered hairstyles with bangs come in different types of cut. Short hairstyles require low maintenance. You only need to have your hair trimmed once every three or four weeks. Short layered hairstyles are the easiest way to looking edgy and bold. The most stylish cuts for this kind of hairstyle are listed and described below. Let this help you pick out your next haircut.

The pixie cut

Short layered hairstyles with bangs - The pixie cut

Pixie hairstyles are cut to as short as 3 to 4 inches long. It is perfect for you if you want to avoid hair that is dull and lifeless. The various layers will make your hair look interesting rather than bland and lackluster. This cut looks edgier and sophisticated with bangs that teases the forehead. It can also look sweet and charming when adorned with a pretty headband.

The layered bob

Short layered hairstyles with bangs - The layered bob

If you are not up for extremely short hairstyle like the pixie cut, you can opt for the layered bob. Among celebrities, short layered hairstyles with bangs usually mean a bob haircut in different lengths and textures. Some of them prefer cuts that graze the chin. Rather than a bluntly cut bob, most women prefer layered bobs that add volume to their hair. It is a hairstyle that takes years off your face.

The spiky cut

Short-layered-hairstyles-with-bangs-The-spiky-cutSpiky haircuts sometimes get mistaken as the pixie cut, but they are different in some ways. The spiky cut is usually longer. The layers help prevent the wearer to look boyish. The perfect cut has layers that make the hairstyle look flirty and feminine. The spikes are made to look more prominent with the application of a strong hold hair gel.

The cap style

Short layered hairstyles with bangs - The cap style

If you have fine hair and have exhausted all the ways to create additional volume, you might like to try the cap haircut that has been made popular by famous celebrities like Rihanna and Keira Knightley. With this hairstyle, the hair is cut so it follows the contour of the head. The bangs tease the upper eyelids and sometimes sideburns are added for a more feisty and stylish look.

Short layered hairstyles with bangs are the most fashionable hairstyles these days. Many women go gaga over these hairstyles as they are most often seen in magazines and billboards. The fact that they are easy to maintain adds to the desirability of these haircuts. It creates beauty that is both flashy and simple at the same time.