Very Short Hairstyles for Gutsy Girls

Very short hairstyles should never be called cute. They are more than that. A woman who has the guts to chop off her locks to the shortest possible length should never be called cute. Women who can pull off super short hair are upbeat, bold, and spunky. Short hairstyles should not belong to the male species only. These hairstyles can also enhance the delicate feminine features of a woman especially her neck, her nape, and her cheekbones.

Pink pompadour

Pink pompadourAlthough many celebrity women have been able to pull off this hairstyle, no one beats Pink when it comes to the pompadour hairstyle. The key to having this kind of haircut work for you is to choose something that complements your face shape. It should add texture to your hair while adding the right height or width to your face.

Sexy showoff

Sexy showoffVery short hairstyles like this one show off the nape. It also creates a beautiful silhouette because of the added curve at the back. The bangs also make the cut sexy especially when it is paired with a stunning eye makeup.

Side-swept pixie

Side-swept pixieEmphasize your beautiful eyes by sporting a pixie with long, side-swept fringe. The long section at the front achieves a disconnected style which makes the look ultra feminine. Brushing should be done from side to side and then front to back to prevent frizz.

Bold layered bob

Bold layered bobA perfectly shaped head should be paired with a haircut that frames the skull. This way, the texture will not add weight to the hair but just adds a slight curve. Texture can be maintained by regular application of texture cream.

Pastel pixie

Pastel pixiePastel colored hairstyles are a thing these days. Pair it with the equally fashionable pixie and you have a hairstyle that is both feminine and modern. This will work great for people who wish to have a hairstyle with a slimming effect to the face.

Thinking about adding drama to your hair? Go ahead and chop it off like the very short hairstyles featured here. They are far from boyish. They are chic and feminine especially if the cut complements your face shape and hair texture. Stop hiding your beautiful face behind long locks like Rapunzel. Show off your gorgeous eyes and your slender neck with a sexy short haircut.