Fierce Short Red Hairstyles for Bold Women

Short red hairstyles are seen in many celebrities these days. When it comes to hair colors, red is not only a fashion statement, it is also a sign of boldness and personality. Redheads are deemed fierce as only a few can pull off this color. Here are different hairstyles that look best in red hair color:

Wavy bob

Wavy bobWomen with pale skin look seductive in a bright red hairstyle. It is best to keep the hair short to let the waves frame the face. The color provides great contrast against light skin. Hairstyles that graze the chin create a flirty look while shorter haircuts will lead to an edgy vibe. This style is great with a side part rather than a middle part.

Carefree copper

Carefree copperFun and carefree women can show off their quirky, happy personality with short red hairstyles. Short hair provides a lot of movement which makes you look lively and captivating. Deep copper color with accents of lighter copper shades makes skin look brighter which complements the vibe that you want to project.

Cherry red

Cherry redShiny and short red hairstyles make dark complexions look stunning. If you are bold enough to wear a cherry red hairstyle, your eyes will look even more dramatic. Make it look more edgy with an undercut on the sides and wavy, voluminous hair around the crown. Apply smoothing serum to make your cherry red curls look sleek.


CinnamonSlightly freckled skin can look enchanting with hair that has medium brown to copper hue. Layers that fall below the jawline and side-swept bangs create a flirty look. This style is super easy if you have naturally straight hair, but you can also achieve the look with wavy hair. Use a flat hair iron to smooth out waves, but don’t forget to apply a heat protectant spray before styling. If you want to bring attention to your eyes, opt for this hair color and add blunt bangs.

Short red hairstyles are captivating whether you have light or warm skin tone. Paired with dramatic eye make-up, it can be the only hair color to make you look stunning with little to no effort. Stick to minimal or nude makeup to keep a natural, vibrant look. With red hair color, you don’t need to stick to straight hairstyles. You can add bouncy curls or stylish spikes to captivate attention.