Alluring Short Hairstyles for Older Women

Let’s face it, Ladies—being “older” isn’t doesn’t mean what it used to mean; it doesn’t have to mean you’re a dowdy, Old Mother Hubbard type of woman! You as an older woman can be hip, sensual, sophisticated, and sexy. Your… Continue Reading

Short Bob Hairstyles Back View with Soft, Flirty Layers

Short bob hairstyles back view is beautiful and flirty because of their wispy, soft, feminine ends. They don’t always need to look sleek and smooth. A little messiness adds to the uniqueness of each cut. Some bit of gloss is… Continue Reading

How to Add Glamour to Short Inverted Bob Hairstyles

Short inverted bob hairstyles are a great way to look stunning and different this season. Bob hairstyles first became popular during the 20s but are getting the hype this year. They have become a hit among Hollywood’s most fashionable women… Continue Reading