How to Create Short Natural Black Hairstyles

Short natural black hairstyles are not only about style and fashion. They are also meant to keep natural black hair from harmful elements that may damage the hair. These hairstyles are meant to keep hair from drying out or for the scalp to stay moisturized and therefore preventing the appearance of dandruff. Black hairstyles usually benefit from natural products like coconut oil, jojoba oil, and tea tree oil. These essential oils are the best sources of conditioning elements which makes detangling and moisturization easier.

The afro is probably the most well known natural hairstyle for black hair. With this hairstyle, the hair is cut in a round shape. Many people think that maintaining an afro requires the use of chemicals. The truth is that the proper maintenance of a healthy afro only needs a good quality hydrating shampoo used once a week. Deep conditioning is needed regularly. Moisturizing conditioners are a must combined with hot oil treatments. This ensures the maintenance of healthy scalp and manageable hair strands. Creating an afro requires a pick or a wide-toothed comb.

Cornrows are also most often seen in short natural black hairstyles. It is chosen by most because the style lasts for a long time. This hairstyle requires making tight braids that are kept close to the scalp. They should be tight enough that they’re almost impossible to undo. If you decide to get cornrows, you need to be patient enough to apply moisturizing oil to your scalp. It will also be necessary to wear stocking caps to protect your cornrows when you need to lie down.

To add volume to short black hair, Bantu knots and Zulu knots can be created. The hairstyle is inspired by the Zulu tribes of Southern Africa. To create the knots, you need to part your hair into various sections of equal sizes. Twist each of these sections into a knot. Once done, lather some leave-in conditioner to make sure that your hair is moisturized even while kept in knots.

When you say short natural black hairstyles, it means that the hair has a black color that has not been treated with any kind of chemical. Black hair can be styled in various ways. The most common of these hairstyles are the afro, Bantu knots, and cornrows. These hairstyles take advantage of the natural texture of black hair which is most often curly or wavy. Whether simple or complex, you will surely find a hairstyle that looks great on your short black hair.