Styling Tips for Short Layered Hairstyles For Fine Hair

Short layered hairstyles for fine hair should deal with hair strands that are fragile and thin. It is necessary to choose a haircut that addresses the problem regarding your lifeless, flat hair. However, the solution does not end there. When it comes to fine hair, layers aren’t always enough. It can be a quick fix, but you need to care for your hair so you are not left with wispy, brittle hair.

Here are other things you need to shape up your thin hair.

A gentle shampoo

Creamy and greasy shampoos can make your hair limp. Use a gentle shampoo that is safe for daily use instead. Look for a product that has a clear, light appearance. This is to make sure that your hair does not acquire too much build-up. It is also best to use a clarifying shampoo once every week. Here is a special trick to do when applying shampoo: wash your scalps and roots. Avoid lathering the length of your hair. The water will lead the shampoo to work its way down toward the roots of your hair, enough to keep it clean.

A light conditioner

Short layered hairstyles for fine hair are vulnerable to knots and tangles. Because your hair strands are delicate, they can easily break if you are not gentle with them. For this reason, you need to apply hair conditioner to keep tangles at bay. However, you need only the lightest conditioner. You also need to apply it to the length of your hair and not the roots and scalp.

Volumizing products

Your cabinet should never run out of products that add volume to your fine hair. You need something that is labeled “volumizing” or promises to “add body.” These products are best applied to slightly damp hair. Apply to the roots then use a wide-tooth comb to distribute to the rest of your hair. When it comes to shining serums that tame frizzy hair, do the opposite. Apply only to the length of your hair and never on the roots.

A round brush

A round brush with a combination of boar and nylon bristles is good for fine hair. They are great at removing tangles and creating volume. It is better if you can find a brush with a metal barrel. The metal will provide just enough heat to add body to your hair.

These are the essentials to keeping short layered hairstyles for fine hair beautiful. They will add strength and volume to your otherwise limp and fragile hair.