Top Choices for Short Hairstyles for Fine Wavy Hair

Creating appealing short hairstyles for fine wavy hair can be one of the most challenging tasks known to hairdom. But let’s take these attributes one at a time. Fine hair can be beautiful, shiny, and it can easily hold a style. Wavy hair gives you the advantage of natural curl to bring interest to your hairstyle.

It’s the combination of these two hair attributes that can be tricky—fine hair needs volume, while short, wavy hair can resemble a clown wig if not carefully styled. (No one wants to look like Ronald McDonald!) How do you tame your main? How much of a hit will your wallet take for those high-end hair products for your specific hair type? Luckily, there are certain hairstyles that allow you to make your unique hair type look fantastic.

There are several options for short hairstyles for fine wavy hair that can highlight the best of your hair’s fine and wavy aspects. Some ideas for very short hair nicely tackle both attributes.

For example, a very casual, short side-part do is quite versatile.

  • Just work curl-shaping gel through your hair,
  • blow it dry with a diffuser to create a light wavy texture.
  • Use a brush to dry and side-sweep your bangs.
  • Then make a deep side part, while shaping your newly dried hair on both sides with your fingers.

Another short hairstyle option is something out of a Meg Ryan movie—the unwashed, short curls that have been slept-on do. You can create this for yourself by…

  • Applying a curl-defining mousse to damp hair,
  • Then let it air dry until it’s about 75 percent dry
  • Next, use a blow dryer with a diffuser and your hands to dry your hair the rest of the way, making sure to lift and twirl your waves around your fingers as you dry.
  • If you desire a bit more curl, do a touch up with a curling iron,
  • then add a touch of styling cream through the curls; repeat this a few times until you achieve the grunge look you’re looking for.

That grunge style needn’t be reserved for just very short hairstyles for fine wavy hair. There’s also the free-flowing just-woke-up bob, which offers a hip, grunge look.

To achieve it,

  • coat your hair with thickening spray and
  • do a rough blow-dry with your fingers
  • be sure to pull up at the roots to create a slight lift at your crown.
  • Then rub a dime-sized amount of texturizing pomade in your palms and work random strands so they’re together while curling them around with your fingers.
  • Finally, fluff your pretty bed head with your fingers and finish with a hairspray mist.

Another great bob option is the choppy bob, which makes excellent use of the waves and fine texture. Using layers in a bob give it texture and volume, creating that “choppy” look. Styling gel, worked into either wet or dry hair (depending on how much of a disheveled look you’re wanting) serves to give you control over your natural curls, allowing you to shape and enhance them as you desire.

When contemplating styles, be sure to shop around for quality hair products to find ones that work for you without breaking the bank. Whether you want a bob length style or a very short style, you can find a hairstyle and the hair products to make the most of your fine wavy hair and give you a stunning look!