Stunning Short Hairstyles for Weddings

Short hairstyles for weddings need to be as beautiful as the wedding dress. Every bride wants to be stunning and stylish on her wedding day and in the wedding photos. It is a bit archaic to think that wedding hairstyles need to be voluminous and embellished with flowers and glittery accessories. These days, brides can also look as stunning with short hairstyles. If you have a short haircut, there are many ways you can style it into something stunning on your wedding day. Here are some examples:

Flirty floral

Flirty floralShort curly or wavy hair can be transformed into something pretty and romantic. Make a side part. Pull back a few strands from each side. Pin them loosely with bobby pins. Decorate hair with a medium-sized fresh flower of your choice. Spritz some setting spray to keep strands in place.

Bubbly black

Bubbly blackEven a short black hairstyle can turn you into a bubbly, blushing bride. If you have naturally black hair, take it as an opportunity to sport a shiny bob with wispy bangs. Use a styling mousse to mold a few strands of your hair into flirty waves.

Boho princess

Boho princessPlay up your short wavy hair with a pretty flower crown to create short hairstyles for weddings. You will then create looks that are perfect for bohemian themed weddings. Keep your curls loose and messy and your make-up simple.

Tender tendrils

Tender tendrilsLook angelic on your wedding day with your short blonde locks loosely pinned away from your face. All you need is a styling foam and spiral curlers. With hair still slightly damp, apply the strong hold styling foam and curl sections with the spiral curlers. Let the strands dry before removing the curlers. Take some bobby pins to strategically pin the sections away from your face. Spritz some hair spray to keep strands in place. This hairstyle looks great with or without a hair accessory.

These days, short hairstyles for weddings need not be complicated. They can still be pretty even if they are simple. You can even imitate hairstyles for long hair. You can make an updo with your short hair with the help of bobby pins and setting sprays.  However, a simple short bob haircut can already make you look breathtaking on your wedding day. You can use tiaras, flower headbands, and pretty clips as accessories to make you look more elegant.