Alluring Short Hairstyles for Older Women

Let’s face it, Ladies—being “older” isn’t doesn’t mean what it used to mean; it doesn’t have to mean you’re a dowdy, Old Mother Hubbard type of woman! You as an older woman can be hip, sensual, sophisticated, and sexy. Your overall look starts with your hair. Good thing that short hairstyles for older women are pretty and plentiful for today’s older woman. Look no further than the many celebrities that are over a certain age; they are fresh and vibrant, sexy and scene-stealing, hot and in-demand. And you can be so gorgeously wanted, too. With the right hairstyle for your unique look, you will take the golden years and the world by storm.

Beautiful, sassy hair is not just for the young. Short hairstyles for older women are out there and plentiful! Take Helen Mirren—she’s most notably the poster woman for the quintessential gorgeous older dame. Her short, silvery-blond bob is simple and elegant, and it compliments her luscious looks perfectly.  Jamie Lee Curtis is another beauty who sports a sassy short hairstyle. Her close-cropped pixie is her trademark, keeping her looking young and fresh, regardless of her age. Dame Judi Dench is another lovely example of elegance and beauty in the golden years of a woman’s life. Her silvery pixie has been worn styled to one side, spiked, and even combed toward the front.

No matter how she styles her short do, she always looks stunning. Annette Bening is another example of radiance at any age. Her hairstyle sometimes goes from longer pixie to short bob—regardless of which she’s sporting; she always exudes class and sophistication. Also rotating between shorter bobs and longer pixie cuts, Jodie Foster is another trendsetter for older women. Her hair always looks quite becoming, giving her an energy and vitality all her own. These are just a few examples of older women sporting shorter hairstyles, but what really matters is the style that is best for you.

Now let’s get down to the details of the various short hairstyles for older women and what might work specifically for you. You, of course, have your classic pixie. This is a classic because it’s been around so long that it’s instantly recognizable and adored. Pixies can be worn very close cropped to the head or a bit longer for more comb-over potential. Pixie can be worn with a part down the middle, to one side, or with no real part at all; and they can be neatly styled or given a tousled look. Bobs are another perennial favorite among women.

Being a bit longer than the pixie, bobs can be layered or all one length. Their lengths can range from shortly cropped all around to cropped in the back and tapering to the longer front, to a chin length bob. All are spritely and gorgeous. An asymmetrical bob is a bob that is not even all the way around the head, which provides a modern, chic look. Try out these various looks to find the one that’s right for you. Or, vary your hairstyle between two or three looks, changing from one to another from time to time for variety and interest. You are a strong, smart, vibrant, older woman and the world is your oyster! Start taking the world by storm with your amazing hair.