The Most Flattering Short Black Hairstyles for Round Faces

Short black hairstyles for round faces will slim down your face. Some of the popular cuts in this category are wavy bobs and pixie cuts with long bangs. They create a vision of a longer face. Bob haircuts that are one to two inches below the jaw line can elongate a round face. This is perfectly illustrated by comparing two haircuts worn by Ginnifer Goodwin who is a classic beauty with a round face. Her round-shaped face is more evident with a pixie cut with short bangs than with a bob haircut.

Women with round faces can still rock the pixie cut which is one of the hottest hairstyles today. However, you can create the illusion of a longer face by having side-swept bangs that touch your cheeks.

Any cut that does not add volume to either side of the face is flattering to a round face. If you have naturally straight hair, you will benefit from graduated layers that will remove bulk from the sides. The wispy ends of a layered hairstyle will play down the roundness of your face.

Waves may add volume so you may think it can make your round face even rounder. However, if you keep your layers long and the waves to a minimum, the hairstyle can elongate your round face. Remember to keep the hair wavy rather than curly. Curls will only add volume, making your face look wider.

A center part is always flattering to your round face. Keep your hair long enough to touch your neck and let the hair on both sides fall freely, creating a curtain effect. It slims down the face by covering part of your cheeks.

Chin-length short black hairstyles for round faces can be flattering only if you style it loosely. This means that there is no visible side or center part. A slightly ruffled look on this kind of cut will distract the attention from your round face.

Like in many other matters, rules are meant to be broken even when it comes to short black hairstyles for round faces. Some stylists may say you should avoid short haircuts if you have a round face. This is not always true since you can choose a style that will add angles to your hair like a chin-length bob with side bangs.